Dembo Jobarteh
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Listen All was released in 2003. On this cd Dembo Jobarteh is accompanied by four young griottes. You'll hear vibrant voices like Youssou N'dour's. Full of energy. Passionate. Authentic griot music that will transport you straight away to that magical place called The Gambia.

Gambia Banko is Dembo's new cd. It has songs in English as well as in his native language Mandinka. On some tracks he's accompanied by drummers on djembe and kutirinino. Other tracks feature singers Fatoumatta and Sirra Suso, Majo Sakiliba and Bubacarry and Jessy Jobarteh. Check them out, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

1.  Welcome (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
A song to welcome you to Africa and my music.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Welcome hi fi
 Welcome lo fi
2.  Allah la ke (traditional)                   
The title means "What God promises, will happen." People can fail you, but not God.
Female singers are Fatoumata Suso and Sirra Suso.
 Allah La Ke hi fi
 Allah La Ke lo fi
3.  Lambango (traditional)
Griots play many songs, but Lambango is the one that makes us really happy.
Female singers are Fatoumata Suso and Sirra Suso.
 Lambango hi fi 
 Lambango lo fi 
4.  Bunja Muta (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
This song is for the young griots, advising them to respect their elders. Bunja Muta was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2003.
Female singers are Fatoumata Suso and Sirra Suso.
 Bunja Muta hi fi 
 Bunja Muta lo fi 
5.  Saiku (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
A song about Saiku Omr Futty, a very experienced man who lived a long time ago in Futa. One day I met him in my dreams. He advised me how to deal with my problems. That's why I wrote this song for him.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Saiku hi fi 
 Saiku lo fi 
6.  Mbala Samoo (traditional)
Mbala Samoo tells the story of a girl who falls into the river and is rescued by an elephant. Later she finds out that it was her mother who rescued her. The child sings this song to honor her, praying for her mother to have a long life in good health.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Mbala Samoo hi fi 
 Mbala Samoo lo fi 
7.   Musa Jobarteh (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
Musa and I were born on the same day in Niani Kayai. We are very good friends. Some nights we sit outside, enjoying the evening breeze. He'll make attaya and I'll play my kora. Other friends will join us and we'll all have a great time together.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Musa Jobarteh hi fi 
 Musa Jobarteh lo fi 
8.  Fulanna (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
A song about friendship. Good friends are not easy to get, so you should treat each other with respect and honesty.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Fulanna hi fi 
 Fulanna lo fi 
9.  Cheddo  (traditional)
A traditional dating back to the times of slavery. Lead singer on this track is Babucarry Jobarteh
 Cheddo hi fi 
 Cheddo lo fi 
10.   Guinea Bissau (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
This is a song for my friend Alieu Sila. He's a marabou who walked all the way from Guinea Bissau to The Gambia, looking for a griot.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Guinea Bissau hi fi 
 Guinea Bissau lo fi 
11.   Foromente (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
Advising people is part of a our profession. In this song I warn listeners to beware of people who can't keep a secret.
Female singers are Jessy Jobarteh and Majo Sakiliba.
 Foromente hi fi 
 Foromente lo fi 
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Soundsamples Listen All
Soundsamples Gambia Banko
1. Gambia Banko (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
With this song I honor my country and advise people about the importance of love and peace.
2. Gansa (traditional)
The griots come to visit a young lady. Gansa, they say, we are griots and we can help you. We can tell what past yesterday and what will come tomorrow. We are here to support you.
3. Mama Tamba (traditional)
A funny story about Mama Tamba, who discovered that short people snore. So every night he'd send his soldiers to lock them up in one place, so that he also could sleep.         
4. Yahya Jammeh (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
I sing about our president's ancestors who came from Mali. There's a legend that one of them spilled a drop of blood into the sea, and this turned into a fish. If you touch this fish you will become very ill.
5. Kankelen (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
If we all share what we have and unite, our life will be easier. I call my family and friends and ask them to join me.
6. Teraman (traditional)
Teraman is the song of the Jobarteh family.
It has been recorded many times but as far as I know this is the first English version.
7. Allah la jong daa le (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
We all have a different task in this world and a different life to live. Some are rich, others are poor. The rich man may loose his wealth and the poor become rich. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.
8. Fundinke Saya (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)        
In Africa many children die at an early age. This song is for all these children, to let them know we'll never forget them.
9. Sundiata (traditional)
This song dates back to the 14th century. It's about Sundiata (Sunjata) Keita, who founded the empire of Mali.
10. Ebrima (music & lyrics: Dembo Jobarteh)
As a parent you wish the best for your children, but wishes do not always come true. This song is for my son Ebrima, telling him that no one can see what the future has in store for him.
11. Bamba Bojang (traditional)
Bamba lived in the Jarra area, close to the river Gambia. Sometimes he would change into a crocodile and attack the villagers. Until the hunter came and Bamba was killed.         
Gansa hi fi
Mama Tamba hi fi
Yahya Jammeh hi fi
Kankelen hi fi
Teraman hi fi
Allah la jong hi fi
Fundinke Saya hi fi
Sundiata hi fi
Ebrima hi fi
Bamba Bojang hi fi
Gansa lo fi
Mama Tamba lo fi
Yahya Jammeh lo fi
Kankelen lo fi
Teraman lo fi
Allah la jong lo fi
Fundinke Saya lo fi
Sundiata lo fi
Ebrima lo fi
Bamba Bojang lo fi
Gambia Banko hi fi
Gambia Banko lo fi
Dembo Jobarteh
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