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Duniaman (This world)
Lead singer: Soul Camara/Language: Susu

Duniaman is a song about this world. God created the earth and the people who live on it. Some people are poor, others are ill. Some are good, some are bad. Some are healthy, some are wealthy. All of it comes from God. 
Dientogale (Listen to me)
Lead singer: Amadou Njie/Language: Fullah
Amadou's father taught him to sing, his mother prayed for him. Now that he found his luck in The Gambia he sings for his parents and for his friends in the band.
Njamane horo ho (Life is very difficult)
Lead singer: Soul Camara/Language: Susu
Life is very difficult here. One has to work hard to survive. Some people insult you, some beat you.
My friend, my brother, my sister, if the travel is not good let me come back,
My mother, my father, listen to me, if the travel is not good I'll come back to Guinea.
Lead singer: Soul Camara/Language: English and Susu
I suffered in my country and decided to leave it. Now I have work but someone stole my money. May God punish him. 
But rasta's are not bandits, rasta's don't lie, rasta's don't fight. Rasta is in the heart. I call the names of my rasta friends to come and dance to my music.
Jello kolleya (Life is love)
Lead singer: Soul Camara/Language: Mandinka
Even in my sleep I think about the woman I love. My woman, if you insult me, I will accept it. If you beat me, I will accept it. But I cannot beat you, I cannot insult you because love does not use violence. Life is about love, and love is very difficult. Life is love and when I love you, you have to love me.
Salia (Your highness)
Lead singer: Mohammed Keïta/Language: Mandinka
Your highness, I sing for you, the kora is played for you, the dum dun is beaten for you, your highness.
I was born in Guinea, I came here to find a better life. My father knows that
My brother cries because he hasn't seen me for a long time.
The children in the village cry too.
The children call Mariama, she's crying.
Some children call me to come
I call Mariama to come to me.
Suca debo (Young woman)
Lead singer: Amadou Njie/Language: Fullah
Young woman, go with your husband and respect your mother in law. Everything you want to discuss, you discuss with your parents in law
Young woman, go with your husband and respect all men.
Take good care of your husband so he'll look after you
Your mother in law is your friend, treat her like a friend, like your mother.
So that tomorrow you will be happy.
Takama (Marriage)
Lead singer: Amadou Njie/Language: Wollof
I'll marry you if your mother likes it, if your father agrees (2x)
Love is too much suffering.
I'll do anything for a rendez vous, everything you need I'll do for you
I now live with my parents but I would like to get married
My mother would like that, my father too
I believe when I marry you we will be happy
I love you, if you love me too it's a good idea
to get married.
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