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These guys are truly gifted. The excitement, the energy, the joy...
Reviewer: Chaleen Duggan, Canada
I adore this CD! These guys are truly gifted. Their inner joy resonates throughout the music. It took me right back to that Afrikaans Concert somewhere in Belgium that weekend in '86. The excitement, the energy, the was all there.You can almost hear them smiling as they play! My daughter insisted on going to bed with the music, and it was still on this morning when I went to wake her. What glorious sounds! We will be listening to this cd often. I may even take it outside to educate the neighbours on good ethnic music. It is fantastic. So, when is the next one due to be released?
Every single song is great
Reviewer: Arnold 'Djembe Man' from San Francisco, California
Wonderful, wonderful music, great balafon, djembe and vocals... it has the heart and soul of Africa in it, every single song is great.
Love the album, brings back memories
Reviewer: Eddie (holland)
Really love the album, Seen the boys play live in The Gambia several times. Great voices, good music. Gives a great impression of the music made in Africa. Looking forward to their new album. Keep up the good work.
One of the best cd's I ever bought
Reviewer: Amy (Leiden, The Netherlands)
No matter what mood I'm in, this music gets me dancing. It's so cheerful. Traditional could be interpreted as old fashioned; here it means proven. Proven to be good. I especially love the balafon, which creates a 'carribean holiday' feeling. The vocals are powerful, in the style of Youssou N'Dour. This is one of the best cd's I ever bought.
Very authentic with traditional melodic percussions. Vocal performance and arrangement is perfect. I feel warm of Africa, very good. Ozkansunar, Nurnberg, Germany
Mesmerising African sounds. Excellent vocals. Captivating and mesmerising druming and balafon playing. This is music that lives and breathes. Can't fault it. Well mixed and produced too. Kshan, London, UK
I'm dancing. Crazy - all over the place - and I love it. All seems very natural and simple but very accomplished. Jettrash, Turriff, Scotland
I especially like the song "Rastaman", this is a great CD, I totally recommend it!
Christine (Paris, France)