The instruments
All instruments come originally from Guinea, West Africa. They are made by the artists themselves and painted in the colors of the Guinean flag. If you are interested in buying one, please contact the band.
Guinea is the only country in West Africa where you can find the kirinn. The percussion instrument is made of a round piece of white wood, placed on a metal standard. It is played with two wooden sticks. Every artist makes his own kirinn; the instruments are not sold on the market.
Bolong Bata
The Bolong Bata comes originally from Guinea. The base is made of two half calabashes. One half is covered with goat hide, tied with rope to the bottom of the other calabash. The hole in the upper half is made for acoustic purposes. And if you like the music, you may put some money in it.
The Bolong has three or four strings, made of rope, tied to a wooden stick on one side and a wooden keg on the other. The strings are played with both hands. On top of the stick is a metal plate with small rings attached, called kseng kseng.
The artist plays the strings and can also tap the rhythm on the calabash.
The bongo is made of half a calabash, covered with plywood. The four iron sawblades are played with one hand. With the other hand the rhythm can be tapped. The bongo player has his own rhythm, which differs from other percussion instruments like the Bolong and Kirinn.
Guinean drum
The drum is made of wood, covered with a goat skin. The ropes are used to tune the instrument. The drummer uses both hands to beat the rhythm.
Drums are the most well known African instrument. Guinea C uses different kind of drums to create their own specific sound.
Dun Dum
The Dun Dum is another percussion instrument. It is made of wood, covered with goat hide on both sides. A Dun Dum set consists of two or three drums in different sizes, placed upon each other. On top of the highest drum a piece of metal is attached, which is played with a iron stick. The drums are played with wooden sticks.
The instrument is made of a small round calabas. A hole is made in the calabas, to which a small piece of iron is attached. The iron is covered with tape. The calabas then is covered with a piece of potatoe or rice bag.

The balafon resembles the western xylophone. But it is made of 20 rectangular wooden slats. Two rows of calabashes below the slats serve as natural amplifiers. The artist plays it with two mallets, wooden sticks with the tops covered with cloth. The music is a mix of percussion and melody.
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Watch our lead singer Soul Camara play the bolong bata.
Soul Camara plays the bongo.