The band
Four members of the band belong to the famous Guinean griot family Camara. They learned their profession from their fathers and relatives. The others have the same dedication to their art. What unites them is their love for their country and its music. This is why they painted their instruments in the colors of the Guinean flag. What devides them is football (soccer). All matches of the Guinean national team are thoroughly analyzed and discussions about which player performed best can be heated. But on stage they all strive to make every performance unforgettable for their audience. In which they often succeed.
Ebrahima Camara is another well respected member of the band. Whenever the band throws a party, Ebrahima is the chef cook. Ebrahima dreams about buying a truck and setting up his own business.
Amadou Njie is a very talented singer and musician. Apart from the traditional Guinean instruments he also plays guitar, talking drum and ngoni. With his former group Horde Futa he toured West Africa. 
Guinea C
Soul Camara wants to dedicate his life to music. He is an excellent singer and songwriter, who also plays drums, bolong and bongo. His favourite bands are Les Espoirs Coronthie and Etoile de Bouloubine.
Mohammed Bah Camara taught African dance and drums in Germany. He now works as a teacher at the Gambian Mbolo dance school. He loves the country because it gives him the chance to make music with his friends.
Salifou Camara is the dancer of the group, who also plays all percussion instruments. His favourite music comes from the Central African Republic but he also likes reggae and traditional African music.
Mohammed Keita saw his first Bongo in 1990 and he immediately loved it. Later he studied West African music in  Guinea Bissau, where he also learned to make his own instruments.
Saïdou Jallow is a Gambian who was raised in Guinea. He plays all percussion instruments and is also a dancer. He likes reggae music and hopes the band will tour Europe and the United States.
Sekou Touray came to The Gambia as a football player. His friends taught him cultural dances and later he became a drummer. He now plays the Dum Dun and dreams of buying a compound for his family.
The band
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Sekou Suma was the last one to join the band. With his skill on the balafon and his great sense of humor he proved to be a valuable addition.
Omar Sampur is an excellent drummer and a  close friend of Mohammed Bah Camara. He worked as a session musician on Bakadaji.
Alex Suma helps the band out whenever one of the members is ill.
The story of Guinea C
Soul Camara
Amadou Njie