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The best Griot music... for You
Griot music is pure, passionate music. It goes back to the 14th century when griots were the advisors of kings and warriors. They went to battle with them. Played their music for them. Griots knew how to make their kings happy.

Wonder what their music sounded like? On this site we introduce two famous representatives of African traditional music.
On Dembo Jobarteh's pages you'll find songs that date back to the time of the great Mali empire. And you'll hear new songs, written by Dembo himself. Authentic music full of energy. Music that griots play at home for their own enjoyment. Music that will make you happy too.
The music of Guinea C is more contemporary. The intriguing rhythm of the balafon
creates a West-Indian atmosphere But make not mistake, this is music from Guinea, West Africa. These professional musicians put their heart, soul and money into their cd Bakadaji. Listen and feel their soul infused passion.
Click here for more information about Dembo Jobarteh and soundsamples of his music.
Click here for more information about Guinea C and soundsamples of their music.